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duARTS is an umbrella organization for all major arts groups on campus. We are made up of an Executive board that represents major players in the arts at Duke, as well as several councils, each representing an area of the arts on campus.  Our councils are a space for student groups of similar artistic functions to come together, collaborate, and pursue common interests.


Dance Council

A Cappella Council

Theater Council

Soundboard Council 

duARTS aims to make the arts an integral part of the Duke undergraduate experience by promoting student arts events and media on campus and in Durham by fostering a creative, collaborative, diverse, and accessible community of students engaged in the arts. To this end, duARTS seeks to create an active network of connections among student artists and student arts groups, both within and across disciplines, and to reap the benefits of those connections: specifically, to provide student artists with access to joint marketing resources through partnership with the Duke Marketing Club, to aid groups in seeking out collaborative opportunities and strategies, and to create a unified voice and image for Duke undergraduate arts as a whole, which may then interact with other campus organizations, the administration itself, and the student body as a whole.




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