Event spotlight: Hoof'n'Horn Virtual Fall Project

Have you ever wanted to edit a movie?

Film a documentary?

Produce a music video? 

Hoof 'n' Horn is looking for a team of video editors to work on their fall project: a documentary-revue exploring the themes and narratives showcased in A Chorus Line.

"This filmed anthology will take A Chorus Line back to its roots, blending material from established musicals with content originated by Duke student performers and writers. This project will showcase our experience of the “chorus,” delving into the intersection of performance and identity."

The work commitment would be minimal, with responsibilities split among the team. We are especially looking for applicants knowledgeable in Adobe Premiere or iMovie.


This is going to be a project very much shaped in post-production, so we will be working closely with the core production council. Our set meeting times are currently 6-9pm on Thursdays to view what we have edited in the previous week.


Please reach out to ashley.jeffers@duke.edu if you are interested!

Fall 2020

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