Throughout the school year, duARTS partners with other student organizations, arts related and otherwise, to engage the community with arts programming for relaxation, social change, and more. Check out some of our smaller programs:

other duARTS programs & projects:

Hey, that's one quirky T-Shirt! Where'd you make that?

At the duARTS Second Friday DIY T-Shirt Station of course!

On that warm Friday afternoon, the Plaza was T-ming with amateur designers young and old creating quirky and wonderful wearable works of art!

If you happened to find yourself in the Bryan Center Plaza on November 3rd, you would have encountered a world of fantastic a capella singing, dance performances, free and diverse food, and CHARITY!

During Duke International Association's Foodfest 2017, duARTS held the...

Was it spooky?

Well, not exactly.

Was it a hub for fun fall times, food, and facepaint?


If you happened to wander into the Arts Annex on Halloween’s Eve, you’d find yourself immersed in a world of pipe-cleaner arachnids, design-your-own cookies, and a se...

The Art of Science Gallery was founded in 2017 by Kelsey Graywill, duARTS President 2017-18.

The idea for the Art of Science gallery space was conceived before the renovation of the Brodhead Center was complete. It was originally intended to be a project focusing o...

ArtCon and ArtStorm, respectively, are conventions and sessions aimed at brainstorming and projecting the long term future of arts on campus. Vertically integrating discussions across faculty, administration, graduate and undergraduate students, and local artists, the...

The duARTS@Duke Kunshan University Arts Exchange program student-led arts programming initiative to transform the creative landscape at Duke’s new university in China. Duke Kunshan University, situated near Shanghai, China, is Duke's recently created sister university...

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