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Lady Blue


Founded by two friends on a road trip in 1991, Lady Blue is a cohesive, supportive, and dynamic group of Duke University women who love to sing, perform, and spend time together. Our name comes from the song Lady Sings the Blues by Billie Holiday. Billie Holiday was a trailblazer in blues and jazz, a strong woman at a time when it wasn’t easy to be strong, and an inspiration for the founders of our group. Since our inception, we have performed at numerous events on and off campus, including Duke basketball games, charity events, personal serenades, and “birthday-grams”. In addition to live performances, we regularly release studio recordings and music videos, most recently our 2020 EP, Dandelion, and our music videos for Same Drugs, You Go Down Smooth, and Alive. ​As Duke's self-proclaimed "Most Fun" all-female a cappella group, Lady Blue is a tight-knit group of friends who love taking road trips, making each other laugh, and belting out Beyonce’s Love On Top. One of our founders, Angela (Gore) Hutcheson, described Lady Blue well when she said, “I’ve always enjoyed empowering people and Lady Blue became great at empowering people – not to create people in any particular mold, but let them express themselves.”​



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