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Art of Science

The Art of Science Gallery was founded in 2017 by Kelsey Graywill, duARTS President 2017-18.

The idea for the Art of Science gallery space was conceived before the renovation of the Brodhead Center was complete. It was originally intended to be a project focusing on highlighting innovation at Duke through artistic visualization of research, and expanded into a broader project aimed at showcasing creative renditions of physical and natural sciences for the purpose of promoting literacy and awareness of health science, the environment, and other physical, applied, and life sciences.

Artist(s): K. L. Graywill,

The current theme, Art of Medicine, explores the molecular and cellular underpinnings various diseases, spanning schizophrenia to melanoma and cystic fibrosis to proteopathy. Each artwork depicts a transition from healthy to diseased cells and is accompanied by real examples of disease states in histology or biofeedback recordings.

​​Have an idea for the space?

Click on the green button to submit a proposal! We accept and consider applications on a rolling basis and convene twice each semester to decide on new rotations for the gallery.

The Art of Science gallery space is located on the bottom level of the Brodhead Center, in the study nook to the left of ABP, ​below the Cafe.

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