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duARTS Haunted Arts Annex

Was it spooky?

Well, not exactly.

Was it a hub for fun fall times, food, and facepaint?


If you happened to wander into the Arts Annex on Halloween’s Eve, you’d find yourself immersed in a world of pipe-cleaner arachnids, design-your-own cookies, and a seven-foot-tall blue

dinosaur. You read that right—check the pics:

The duARTS Executive board got their spook on too: From left to right - Rachel L. (VP of Collaboration), Michael W. (First Year Intern - Outreach & Advocacy), Riley R. (Executive VP), Raahina M. (Co-VP of Programming), Vicki Z. (Director of Outreach - Academics), Andrew Z. (First Year Intern - Marketing), Alex D. (VP of Design and our Screenprinting Master), Kelsey G. (President

DUU's VisArts Committee collaborated with us, providing face painting for students!

We screen printed dozens of tote bags with a modified version of the duARTS logo designed to look a little extra devilish!

But the event wouldn't have been complete without some FRIGHTENING FOODS!!

Check out some more snapshots of the event!

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