Co-President // Pingyi Zhu

Hi! I'm Pingyi and I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. I'm an economics and math double major with a minor in visual arts, so my interests are pretty diverse, and I love that I'm able to explore all of them here. Last year, I served as VP of Programming, so I'm looking forward to another great year in duARTS!

Co-President // Michael Wen

Hi! I’m Michael, and I am a junior from Johannesburg, South Africa and Taipei, Taiwan. At Duke, I study biology and sociology but have an intense passion for the arts. On campus, I am a member of Defining Movement, a multicultural dance group. I hope to make art an integral part of every student's college experience and I am so excited to be working with Pingyi and the rest of the duARTS Exec board to organize events and foster collaborations.

Executive Vice President // Della Tao

Hello! I am a senior studying Biology and minoring in Computer Science and Visual Arts. I have always loved drawing, painting, and sculpting since I was young and was eager to jump into the arts when I first came to Duke. Before working on duARTS' executive team, I served as a Co-Chair of the DUU VisArts committee, a Design Co-Lead of HackDuke, and a member of the Arts Theme House selective living group. During my tenure as External VP, I hope that I can interact with and further expand the diverse and exciting artistic community at Duke!

Executive Vice President // Joyce Er

Hi, I'm Joyce! I'm a senior at Duke majoring in Computer Science and Public Policy. I'm a visual artist by training and especially love urban sketching and watercolor painting. Going into my final year at Duke, I'm incredibly excited to serve and strengthen the Duke arts community with the amazing duARTS team!

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First Year Interns

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Allison Shumar

Assistant Director Arts & Media, Student Involvement (UCAE)

Kevin Erixson

Student Development Coordinator for the Arts (UCAE)

Dr. Scott Lindroth

Faculty, Vice Provost of the Arts

Amy Unell

Faculty, Artstigators


Katie VanderKam & Neha Bhambhani

Students, Dance Council Co-Chairs

Andrew Zheng

Student, A Cappella Council Chair

Christina Shin, Barbara Xiong

Students, DUU VisArts Chairs

Will Atkinson, Nina Wilder

Students, Recess/Chronicle Chairs

Masha Feingold

Student, Arts Annex Chair

Marina Frattaroli & Hannah Wolfe

Student, Nasher MUSE Co-Chairs

Avery Boltwood

Duke Student Government EVP

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