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Annual Report & Newsletter

2017-18 School Year

Created by: K. L. Graywill, T'18

The 2017-18 school year was a big year for the arts. duARTS led dozens of new programs and initiatives that provided meaningful ways for the student body to engage with each other through art. With the annual arts festival, 2nd Fridays, and the grand opening of the Rubenstein Arts Center, the presence of the arts increased extraordinarily this school year. 

Read our first ever annual report here or click the report to download it.

Art student organizations we spotlighted this year: 

Duke Amandla ChorusHear at DukeFORM Magazine, and The Archive 

Part of dorm community, student organization, or other group that would benefit from our programming? 

Painting Workshops:

Want us to come to you to teach a painting workshop for you dorm or for an upcoming retreat? Let us know what your community wants to paint. We also have a modified leadership skills/painting workshop for student organizations looking to enhance their group dynamic.

Collaborative Community Murals:

We design paint-by-number style murals and canvases that anyone can paint and participate in creating. Past examples include murals for Keohane quad and a series for the DuWell Center.

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