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Photography and film at Duke includes a certificate program in Documentary Studies and Arts of the Moving Image as well as a minor in photography. Extracurricular opportunities include organizations dedicated to producing video and film content to ones that screen weekly movies.

The photography minor at Duke consists of 5 courses related to photography and is part of the Art, Art History and Visual Studies department. Learn more here.

"The Arts of the Moving Image certificate program at Duke fosters a critical understanding of the history, theory and technologies of motion picture and new media arts, while giving students the opportunities, tools and resources needed to develop a career within the media industries, pursue graduate study in the field, or become a media artist." Learn more here.

"The Certificate in Documentary Studies at Duke University is a program of undergraduate study involving community-based research and fieldwork. Working in one or more documentary mediums—photography, filmmaking, writing, audio, performance, among others—students explore a particular issue, community, family, or individual. Completion of a minimum of six courses and a documentary project that each student exhibits, presents, publishes, or otherwise disseminates to the public is required." Learn more here.

academic programs

> Duke in Los Angeles

Duke in L.A. is a spring semester study away program that immerses students in the film, TV and media industries in L.A. It includes two seminars, a student-selected course at the University of Southern California, and an internship opportunity.

> Center for Documentary Studies (CDS)

CDS is dedicated to documentary expression and its role in creating a more just society.​ CDS teaches, produces, and presents the documentary arts across a full range of media—photography, audio, film, writing, experimental and new media—for students and audiences of all ages.

> Multimedia Project Studio (MPS) 

Equipped with a video studio and green screen, the MPS also features high-end, integrated hardware and software that encourages imaginative creation and editing of audio, video and 3D. 

opportunities & resources


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